There is a distinct feel to some Latin music, which makes it New York Style on 2 (formerly kniown as Mambo) or its cousin Salsa. New York Style is normally danced with the break or rock step on the 2nd beat. Salsa is danced on the 1 beat.

Though on 2 Style (Mambo) originated in Cuba, most of the new generation of dancers here in Miami don't know how to dance it. They have however taken Salsa to an exciting level and are tremendous dancers. If you watch the footwork you'll see them tap or flick on either the 4 beat or the 3 beat. There is no quick, quick, slow in Salsa because of the tap.

Some singers, musicians from the past claimed they didn't understand the term Salsa since they haven't changed the music they've always played.. yet dancing on the 1 beat has probably enabled people to become dancers who may have had trouble dancing on the 2 beat.

On 2 has some great shine steps which you can also do in LA Style Salsa but if you were to watch On 2 Style dancers next to Casino dancers you would see a distinct difference in styles..It's very cool to see dancers do both.

All Salsa has the same forward and back basic which the majority of good dancers know. But there is one more basic called Abajo danced in Casino Style that creates a nice flow for going into a Dile Que No.

What's great for Miami is that it has become more integrated with dancers learning the 3 most influential types of Salsa : LA Style, Casino and New York Style on 2.

What's also great is that Bachata has become an important dance with great moves and turns.

As with any dance the more you know the more fun it is. It's important to get past just basics.

Men have to learn how to time the lead correctly as well as how to link the steps in a cool way to keep their partner interested. Women have to learn the art of follow and how to handle turns with proper technique as well as a feminine styling. What is wonderful is that everyone can learn and it keeps getting better.