American NTSC format:
For VHS viewing in the U.S., Canada, etc. Each video is $25.00 plus in the U.S. add 6.00 S&H for Priority Mail with Delivery Confirm. For Canada add $8.00 S&H Global Priority.

PAL format:
For viewing in certain countries in Europe. Each video is $30.00 plus $16.00 S&H

American NTSC Format:
Buy all 4 videos for only $85.00 (add $6.00 S&H in the U.S. or $8.00 S&H for Canada).

PAL Format:
Buy all four PAL videos $100.00 (add $16.00 for S&H) Outside the U.S. S&H price varies, we cover the difference.

Send check or money order in U.S. dollars to:

Luz Pinto
7801 Abbott Av. #502
Miami Beach, Florida 33141

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