Beginners. . Learn the important turns and cool moves instantly. Every move is shown really well so that you can dance better.

Intermediate. . Learn exciting moves and how they link together to let you enjoy the music with style.

Advanced. . There is always more..Learn the intricate details that make you the best.

Please call or text 786 281's faster than e-mailing me as I don't log on too often due to late teaching hours etc.

Private lessons are available Every day Monday through Sunday from 2 pm till 9 p.m. Call 786 281 9747 and choose the hour and the date that is best for you. Learn Salsa, Merengue, Bachata the way we dance in the clubs.. or choose Your personal very cool, beautiful Wedding Dance. You can also choose Cha Cha, Tango, Bolero, Swing, Foxtrot or other Ballroom dances.

You can also share the lessons with friends, loved ones or co-workers and share the price. Form your own private group class at a great low rate.

* Added bonus* video record your lesson with your cell, or I Pad, etc with no extra charge.

* Yours Forever ! *

Make your wedding truly special!. Choose the song that is meaningful to you. You can even choose a slow song or a tango for the 1st part of the dance and then switch to salsa for the 2nd part. Luz will teach you quickly and easily the dance that applies. You won't need too many lessons and there is a very special low rate for wedding couples.

Latin Heat Dance Studio  
786 281 9747 Director: Luz Pinto

Born in Cuba, raised in N.Y.C., Luz is known by students and teachers throughout the world for her exceptional teaching style. Professionally trained, she teaches Salsa, Merengue, Bachata either LA or Casino Style plus Cha Cha, Swing and Ballroom dances with great technique and humor. Her skill in explaining the steps and turns for both the man and woman with styling for the lead and follow enables everyone to learn easily and quickly.

She teaches Bridal Shower Parties, Special Events, Corporate Team Events, Etc.

Dance lessons with Luz are dynamic, informative and a great deal of fun!

Call 786 281 9747

Find you can dance with your teacher but no one else? Ever wonder why you just don't get it?

You can always feel when it's not right or there's no flow in your movements. Cheer up! .............There is a solution.

It could be that your teacher is a great dancer but just might not be able to explain your steps, or the lead or follow properly.

Luz is known as the detail person (dance doctor). She can quickly .clear up any difficulties that are preventing you from dancing as well as you would like to. No matter what your level of dance or whether you are the lead or the follow you'll find that lessons with Luz makes it easy for you to:

  • Learn quickly, dance smoothly
  • Understand advanced moves right away
  • Handle any partner confidently
  • Find the beats in the music
  • Improve your technique and style
  • Dance at your wedding
  • Have fun while learning