Every Thursday also Every Wednesday at the Miami Beach location

786 281 9747 or 305 868 9418

Here's what our great instructors offer in group class:

All levels of dance - Beginner to Advanced

Excellent break down of steps, turns, lead, and follow

Personal attention..* Everyone gets to dance with the instructor *

And a really good sense of humor making it easy for you to have fun & learn alot !

Locals come to our classes from Miami, Homestead, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca and Palm Beach. Other dancers and teachers come from various parts of the U.S. and Overseas (Italy, Germany,The Netherlands, Japan Canada etc.) to learn the exciting styles of Casino and LA Salsa from us.

Every Wednesday at 7801 Abbott Ave...(2 blocks west of Collins Ave on 78th St in Miami Beach ) ............Please call 786 281 9747 for access code to enter building .............

Salsa Group Classes

Much more than just baby basics. You'll learn important moves and turns that will have you dancing quickly.

We don't hold you back. Learn beautiful and exciting moves and turns right away.

Each group hour is only $ 10. per person.

Call 786-281-9747 for address and easy directions.It's better to phone me as I don't log on often due to teaching late.

Approximately 95% of Miami salsa club dancing is one to one partnering. This is the focus of the 1st hour of this class We start with cool turns right away... Singles do not require a partner. . You do get to dance with different partners in class, couples can stay together if that is a preference..We also teach one to one and Rueda in the advanced classes.

Please call first


Private lessons are Mon thru Sun. Choose the hour that is best for you...You'll learn easily and quickly . On a private lesson you can choose to learn Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Bolero, Swing ( Rock and Roll) Cha cha, Your Wedding dance, etc

Call.... we have the best rates. 786 281 9747. Also........

We are the only studio that lets you share a private lesson with loved ones or other students and we don't charge you extra.

SPECIAL: Now upto 5 people can share a private lesson with no extra charge.